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June 5, 2010
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Marco Bellies:
All the world was in a lazy way.
Swinging on its way on a camelphant . (laugh)
Things were looking brighter day by day. (laugh)
Nothing ever wrong;
Life was just a song,
'Till those dancers in their swimsuits came along .(laugh)
Ohhh. I'm going cuckoo, woo-woo!
I think I need to go to the paramedics!!! (laugh)
I'll also get "drunk" on ice cream in Goofy Goober's (laugh)
Here comes the choo-choo, woo-woo!
I'm so gooney, looney tuney, te'ched in the head...
Please pass the ketchup and mustard,
I think I'll go to bed! Hoo!
Am I the screwball, woo woo!
Throw me the 8-ball woo woo!
Once I knew a thing or two, but now I'm a buffer-roo. Hinky dinky parley woo woo!(laugh)
Also throw me in the basement to a pile of manure (laugh)
Also the clowns were dancing in my back yard (laugh)
Here's a insane song for my OC (Marco Bellies) when's he's running insane when his girlfriend (Suki Higurashi, another OC) was turned down for her swimsuit dance! i know i copy it from the original lyrics of that Hare-Um Scare-um song where that Prototype Bugs Bunny sings that song to prove himself he's insane but I tweaked the lyrics!
jacobyel Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
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